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Welcome to Colder By The Lakz. Some of you are probably wondering what Colder By The Lakz is. Or why you even clicked on the link to this site, but don’t worry because the content we are about to give you is sure to keep you procrastinating from that work you should be doing.

If you like sports, pop culture, music, entertainment, funny videos, movies, tv shows, and technology as much as we do then you are in the right place. We are going to be bringing you our views on all these topics and much, much more (most of the time covering more than one topic at once). So unless you are trying to end up in a abandoned house by the hands of Chris and Snoop (if you have not yet watched The Wire do so because there will be plenty of references, might as well catch up on The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, and Dexter too while your at it) then check back often for plenty of new topics weekly (daily when the site gets up and running).

The name Colder By The Lakz is no coincidence. Nor is it just a reference to our hometown, Sheboygan, WI. We are opinionated and we may not share your opinions. Sometimes you may view our opinions as us hating on a certain topic, well yeah it probably is. Regardless, we thrive on reader feedback so be sure to let us know in the comments sections or through emails (colderbythelake0607@gmail.com) what you are thinking. By the way did I use “Nor” right in the sentence back there. It just sounded official. Let us know that shit too. We love it when you guys correct grammar. No sarcasm at all. No, but really let us know.

Once again, welcome to Colder By The Lakz. I am writing this at 10:40 pm and the bears are up 30-24, if Andy Reid can somehow pull this one off I will be seriously surprised. Gruden just said, “this is when Andy Reid and Michael Vick become most dangerous.” Am I the only one that sees differently? Love Vick in this situation but Reid wasting Timeouts and having no sense of time possession seriously hurts Vick. Anyway, I digress that column can be left for another day. Enjoy!

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