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Some people say that you can’t compare apples to oranges, and I agree. But you can compare your favorite rappers to certain NBA players. First off, before I get going I am saying “your” favorite rappers but in reality I mean my favorite rappers but was just trying to be polite. Anyway, there is a lot more similarities between the game on the hardwood and the game in the booth then just every highlight video having rap music from high school highlights all the way to the pros. Ok, I’ll be honest, the only reason I hyperlinked that specific highlight set was to hear Weezy, you caught me.

Drake says it best, “I swear sports and music are so synonymous.” And this simple statement is true. There are certain rappers that not only act like NBA players, but in fact have had similar careers. To further my point I will now show you what I mean.

Jay Z and Michael Jordon

Not even sure if there was an easier choice. I know what you guys are thinking, how can I say that Jay-Z is MJ when MJ doesn’t play anymore and when he came back from retirement he sucked. Well that just shows you don’t know jay. Michael Jordon ended his career with a little less than a bang but hey, it’s been long enough we can pretend the Wizards never happened (right?). Both of these two had stellar performances throughout their careers. Jay has 13 Grammy Awards and two historic hip-hop albums in “Reasonable Doubt” and “The Blueprint”. Anyone who disagrees clearly has just wants to play devil’s advocate and is being dumber than Jessie Pinkman in nearly every Breaking Bad scene this past season. Comparatively, Michael led the league in scoring 10 seasons, sort of like whenever Jay Z released an album it pretty much dominated that year without question (until recently, but we will get to that later). Needless to say, these two sit at the top of their two respective “sports” and rightfully so.

Kanye West and Dennis Rodman

Kanye is a genius, but is also fucking insane. You never know what the guy is going to say, or what he even means after he says it. And by the way, Mr. West, you big brother is MJ, not you. You are MJ’s crazy sidekick. With Rodman you never knew what to expect, and still don’t. Rodman had many successful years and even ended his career with 5 rings. Kanye has already hauled in 14 Grammy Awards, and that number will continue to rise with his success. The main reason they are so similar is just the fact that they are both crazy and would do anything for attention.

Wiz Khalifa and Kevin Durant

No, KD has not had his own joints made during the lockout like the ladder, yet these two’s careers are eerily similar to date. Hear me out, both of these guys have enjoyed early success yet have relatively nothing to show for it. Sure Durant has a scoring title and Wiz has a platinum record, but neither is any closer to getting a championship (Grammy). Wiz is constantly being outshined by superior artists like Drake, Kanye, Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, and Rick Ross. As for Avon, I mean Durant, he still has Stringer, I mean Westbrook, hanging on his side and trying to run the show. He is being dragged down and not to mention outplayed by Derrick Rose, LeBron James, and Dwayne Wade. Scariest part is how each are still gaining steam is through the underground “mixtape” market. Kevin Durant has been putting on performances like this and this all over the place during the lockout, while Wiz’s claim to fame from the beginning has been his mixtape game. Maybe both of these two weren’t meant for the big stage.

Rick Ross and Shaq

No other argument…http://nbcsports.msnbc.com/id/7129586/

Lil’ Wayne and Kobe Bryant

These two are pure champions. They know what to do to have a successful record or season. Lil’ Wayne is a pure beast in the booth, at least in the pre-jail era (article on how Wayne has changed post-jail coming soon). Wayne ripped up The Carter I and The Carter II then went on a weed/syrup induced mixtape era. He shut himself into studios all over the world and recorded hit after hit. He did not turn down anyone for a feature and killed nearly every one of them regardless if it was a rap beat or R n B. Kobe has always gone the extra mile when it came to his game. Always willing to stay after to take extra shots, and always being talked about for his off the court work ethic. And this has paid off with 5 championship rings, not to mention he was the youngest player ever to 3 championships. Wayne has already won 4 Grammy Awards and has hopes to win a few more this year.

Drake and LeBron James

Both of these two just want to chill with their friends and have a good time. LeBron is notorious for taking his talents to South Beach where he could be with his best friend Dwayne Wade. On the other hand, Drake went to South Beach only to realize the only thing that he cares about is where he is from, o yea and money. These two could not be more different in that aspect, yet their careers have been eerily similar. Both Drake and LeBron James have a shit ton of haters. People say LeBron isn’t clutch and Skip Bayless damn near has an orgasm every time “LeBrick” touches the ball in the 4th quarter. People say Drake is soft and isn’t a real rapper. Another thing these two have in common, is even though some say that they are the best in their respective “games” they have little to show for it as of yet. But after Take Care that should be changing very soon for Drake, but when will it change for LeBron?

-Josh Becherer