Look this is going to be short and not so sweet.  PSU, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED.  From top to bottom every person even semi-associated with the school should be embarrassed.  Your sports personnel sexually abused children.  Your staff covered up the sexual abuse of children.  Your students could care less about the sexual abuse of children, but rather they show up in the thousands to show support of a man who has been accused of covering up the sexual abuse of children.

Anyone see the reoccurring theme here?

Sadly, the story here is somehow focused on Joe Paterno’s firing.  It shouldn’t just be about him!  Sadly the scope is way off here.  It shouldn’t just be about a man who didn’t take the necessary actions to stop the completely illegal/unbelievable/disgusting acts committed by a monster.  Rather the focus should be on the pathetic human being who should be put in jail for a very long time for what he did.

PSU students, my question to you is why?  Why not rally together to “riot” about how you think it’s completely unforgivable what this man did to children?  Why not rally together to “riot” about how you as a student body deserve better from those in authoritative positions?  And finally, why not rally together to back the victims and their families during this extremely difficult time for them?

The fact that the firing of a football coach is overshadowing sexual abuse of children is down right disgusting.  PSU, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED.

End of Rant.

– B Logical