Wow. Take Care has blown me away. Not only is Drake on another level musically, he seems to be on a completely different level emotionally too. This raw emotion is displayed on nearly every song on Take Care and his blatant honesty is amazing. He talks directly to people with his music and seems to understand relationships more than most people. I read somewhere (tried to find the link but to no success, sorry) that he feels like he does “RnB for guys.” And this is the truth.

Drake takes us through an emotional roller coaster in a few songs on the album that I believe, in a way, tell a story of Drake’s emotions since he has become famous. This first is “Shot for Me.” I absolutely love this track. He is talking straight to girls who fucked up in relationships with him and left him for one reason or another. Best line being “I can tell you’ve been crying all night, drinking all summer, praying for your happiness, hope that you recover, this is one that you hated when you heard, and what makes it worse is that you know I deserve it.” These bars are the soul of the entire track. Drake wants these girls to know that he prays they can get over it and that they can’t be mad because they know he worked his ass of for this.

The next track in the trio of Drake’s emotions is “Doing it Wrong.” I have read a few reviews of Take Care and many have shrugged this track off as a boring song. Personally, I love this song. Drake’s emotions come pouring out in this song. It is the anti-love song, the perfect song for a tough break up. There are those times when there isn’t anything really wrong in the relationship and you just need something different, but you both can’t move on. “Cry if you need to but I can’t stay to watch you, it’s the wrong thing to do.” This song is an outcry for Drake trying to let some girls go that he truly wasn’t over, it seems that Drizzy gives his heart to a bunch of women, well used to he has to look at girls phones now.

The final track in the emotional triangle is “Look What You’ve Done.” The two verses for this song are amazing. The first one being directed at his Mom, and tells a brief story of how their relationship was strained, and about her medical issues. Drake once again shows how blatantly honest he is willing to be. Like with these bars: “I see pain pills on the kitchen counter, I hate to see it all hurt this bad, but maybe I wouldn’t of worked so hard if  you were healthy and it weren’t so bad.” I honestly believe 99.9% of the shit he says. He says, “I’ve had sex four times this week I’ll explain.” I guarantee he had sex four times that week, he never explained though…? Anyway, the second verse of “Look What You’ve Done” explains his relationship with his Uncle and how close they were growing up, and how his uncle played the father figure he never had. It is extremely insightful into what Drake was thinking at the time of his come up to the top.

Take Care is much more than love songs and emotional rainfalls. There are many tracks where Drake shows his party side. You can tell how much fun he had making this album with songs like “Hell Yea, Fucking Right” with Wayne. Guaranteed that was a party with them in the studio even with Wayne’s probation. I also wouldn’t be surprised if “Take Care” with Rihanna wasn’t a Billboard Top 10 hit within the next few months. That track definitely has potential to win over the radio crowd. But don’t fret, Drake keeps it real with his old fans going hard on “Underground kings”, which has one of my favorite lines of the album “When me and my crew was all about this rapper from New Orleans, singing walking like a man, finger on the trigger, I got money in my pocket, I’m an uptown N****.” I love how he shouts out Wayne; these two truly are best friends. Just look at how excited they get when they hear each other’s music (skip to: 13).

Overall, I would put “Take Care” as the top album of the year so far. I loved “Watch the Throne”, but believe that Drake has made such a stronger album. Lyrically, Drake spit hard, truthful lyrics over a variety of beats. Kanye and Jay went over Yeezy beats (Kanye is still best producer in the game) and talked about how much money they had and all the shit they buy. Drake’s album is just a better overall product. I will definitely be purchasing it on the 15th even though I have already listened to it a million times. Remember, You Only Live Once (YOLO).

-Josh Becherer