This lockout is killing me. Don’t get me wrong I love college basketball, but I would much rather watch an NBA regular season game over a college regular season game. That especially holds when ESPN2 is playing St. Johns vs. Lehigh and ESPN is playing Miami (Oh.) vs. Temple (this column was written on Wednesday). And not to mention that the CMA’s are on and therefore have forced Modern Family off the air for tonight. It is a known fact that a night without at least one decent sports night is a bad TV night. This is why the NBA is so entertaining to watch and why it needs to come back sooner than later. (Wait you mean that song isn’t about Drake wanting the NBA back?) On a complete side note to find the picture above I Google Imaged “NBA Lockout.” THis wasn’t even in the top 5 of the funniest pictures. You know you want to Google it quick, go ahead, the words will still be here when you get back.

Welcome back, told you! Now, without further ado, here are the ten reasons why I miss the NBA:

10. Getting to hear ESPN trying to compare every single good game a player has to an MJ moment, or their never ending attempt to crown somebody the next MJ. Why can’t LeBron just be LeBron, and Kobe just be Kobe? Why do we have to compare different eras of the game? I am in the David Jacoby school of thought that different generations of athletes cannot be compared to each other because it just does not work. What do you guys think about LeBron being better than Magic though?

9. Getting to see Kobe. This lockout has serious implications on Kobe’s career. If it continues throughout the entire season that puts Kobe at 34 years old, and he has already been prone to knee injuries so who knows if he would ever be the Kobe of old.

8. Hating the Celtics simply for the fact that when the Celtic’s lose Bill Simmons’ writes a better column. I have no idea why this is, but when he has that little chip on his shoulder from a bitter loss from any of his Boston sport’s teams his columns are better.

7. The big three! You all know how much you will miss ESPN’s Heat Index! (Didn’t even know this site would still be live, who woulda thunk?!) Not to mention how these three have the potential to cause more drama when the season starts than the entire NBC Fall Lineup.

6. Won’t have to watch these shitty sports games that are on. Even if I did already mention that it is worth a mention again. St. John’s vs. Lehigh, COME ON! (At least Thursday night football this week)

5. Let’s admit it, going to games are kind of fun. Especially when you go with Colder By The Lakz’s very own Banksy. The kid is an animal. Doesn’t matter where you get ticket’s you will end up courtside and holding 4 beers (max/person at Bradley Center). After the game you go to the bar where Jeffrey Dahmer went to when he lived in Milwaukee. Banksy reassures you it’s okay, this place has $2 pitchers so it has to be legit. Games with Banksy are always fun, if you remember them the next morning.

4. ESPN Top 10 just gets better during NBA season. Who could ever get sick of watching Blake Griffin dunk over guys or LeBron making a ridic block in which he runs more than half the court to catch up with the guy. It truly is where amazing happens.

3. The stupid things players say to the media. Let’s just go ahead and put it out there, some professional athletes are idiots and for whatever reason (maybe it’s the whole one year of college thing, but who knows) the NBA has a ton of them. They are always sure to make things interesting during pre or post game interviews.

2. New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov becoming the next Mark Cuban and going to every game and even bringing along the Don of the Russian Mob! Now I have no idea if this is true or not but don’t tell me it wouldn’t make for a hell of a storyline.

1. LeBron James. Go ahead and start hating, but the man is a beast. He is the best player in the league and makes spectacular plays every night. Let his mistakes go, he knows he shouldn’t of had the decision now. But at the time he truly thought it was for the best.

Now let’s just get these guys out of the conference rooms and back in the locker rooms!

-Josh Becherer