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I fantasized about this back in Chicago, seeing one of the greatest artists of our time performing live.  Everything you’d crave in a once in a lifetime show, Kanye more than provided… hype, drama, passion, high energy, and hits.  Good lord he brought the hits.  (Set List)

After Kid Cudi “got out of the way for Kanye” as he stated, the sold out Marcus Amphitheatre crowd waited impatiently on it’s feet for more than an hour.  I’ve never seen a crowd that anxious for a concert to begin.  But you know what the Midwest is, young & restless…

The Intro:

Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, loud violins screamed and the curtain dropped.  About 20 or so dancers who looked like a messed up hybrid between angels and birds came out and knelt before the medieval-like backdrop one by one while the lights dimmed.  At that moment I knew this wasn’t going to be just any other concert (Intro).

As the lights dimmed everyone brought out their phones.  Piercing screams erupted from about 60 rows back.  Kanye was standing in the mob by one of the support beams with a spotlight engulfing him.  It caught everyone off guard (including those right next to him) and definitely got the crowd hyped.  Finally, he reached the stage where the song “Power” blared while Kanye stood motionless overlooking the crowd.  In that single moment, Kanye made a statement that he was in the building and was about to bring all in attendance to that next level.

Black Bulls hat, black shades, black shirt, black jeans, Banned Jordan 1’s, & Jesus piece.  Kanye tore apart the amphitheatre like he was playing in front of a hometown Chicago crowd.  He pulled out all the stops and didn’t leave anything in the tank.  The set was rumored to have cost him over a million dollars… that gives you an idea as to how unique the setting really was.  Lights, Lasers, Backdrop, Pyrotechnics, Dancers, Smoke, etc… he had it all.  A few times during the concert I found myself looking back at the crowd almost pinching myself trying to figure out if I was in a dream.

The Wardrobe Change:

About 3/4’s of the way through the concert, Kanye disappeared behind a white sheet while the dancers kept everyone’s attention changing the set to an all white one.  Kanye then reappeared in all red.  Standing on a white stage he stood out like a sore thumb.  Immediately after he crushed a beat on the synthesizer (and I wanna show you how you all look like beautiful stars tonight).

The Encore:

Remember in the beginning of the article when I stated that Kanye brought a ton of passion to the stage.  Well he ended the concert (falling to his knees crying -FF to 1:30) with “Hey Mamma”, the song he wrote for his mother who recently passed away, playing in the background.  If the music wasn’t playing you could have heard a pin drop.  The crowd went silent empathizing for Kanye over the loss of his mother.  His raw emotion and vulnerability proved that the guy who just “Went Ham” at Summerfest is truly still a human being.  When he stood back up and gave a wave the crowd went wild.  To this day I can’t fully describe how this concert oozed with greatness from beginning to end.  If you have the chance I suggest you get to a Kanye West concert.  He puts his blood sweat and tears into every concert and has his hand in every aspect of the concert.  He didn’t just connect with the crowd, he had us at his mercy all night long playing hit after hit.  As the song goes, “No one man should have all that power”…

– B   G.O.O.D.