You’ve all heard the millions of LeBron James 4th quarter jokes. Like the one about only getting .75 cents from a dollar…yea I figured you’ve heard that one already. Well. Andy Reid will only give you a nickel back – that’s how much he sucks at closing out games.

Andy Reid became the Eagle’s head coach in 1999, and hasn’t figured out how to manage his timeouts since. Side thought: I saw a commercial for Stephen Johnson’s syndrome. I know this shouldn’t be funny (to be honest I don’t know what Stephen Johnson syndrome even is), but I thought if Buffalo Bills WR Steven Johnson had his own syndrome it would be being a terrible WR and RAPPER, at the same time!!!!! Yep, he has a mixtape, and yep it is terrible. Anyway, back to Reid. His record is 201 – 121 during his tenure as Head Coach. Yet, only has 1 NFC Conference Championship, and 0 Super Bowl Championships. However, Reid does have 7 NFC East Championships. That is impressive considering he has only been the head coach for 11 seasons. His lackluster postseason performance, and being out coached in important games has always been Reid’s weak point.

I do not believe Andy Reid is the worst coach in the NFL, but when it comes to 4th quarters he is constantly being out coached. This season has been a prime example. In five of their 6 losses, the Eagles have been leading going into the 4th quarter. How could the “dream team” lose 5 games when they were leading with 15:00 minutes to play? Especially, versus teams that were supposed to be inferior to them (Falcons, Giants, San Fran, Chicago, and Arizona). The Eagles have only scored 13 points in the 4th quarter of their losses, and have given up 74 points in their 4th quarter losses this year. That is absolutely terrible. And the blame cannot rest entirely on the players.

Their talent pool is ridiculous. Vick, McCoy, Jackson, Maclin, Nmandi Asumaghguagah (not sure on spelling), and Asante Samuel. The Eagle’s offense has consistently forced Michael Vick to be a pocket passer, instead of giving him free rein to roll out in the pocket. Also, they rely too heavily on DeSean Jackson and Maclin’s big play ability. Their best offensive player, LeSean McCoy is often pushed to the side, even though he should easily be getting 25 to 30 touches a game. If Reid ever decides to feature McCoy and establish a run, (which he did in the Dallas game and McCoy went off for a fantasy owners dream, 185 yards and 2 touchdowns) I think the Eagles could become a solid team. This also opened up Vick to throw for 2 TDs and 279 yards. Maybe Reid will take the hint and do this more often, just a thought from an outsider.

Andy Reid is the genius GM (yes he is the Eagle’s GM and Head Coach) who decided that he would promote the Offensive Line Coordinator to Defensive Coordinator because those things must have a ton in common. This decision has proven extremely costly. The Eagle’s are the 27th ranked defense in run yards given up per attempt, and 28th in passing touchdowns given up. They have no one up front to stop the run so teams are bowling them over. Then when they crowd the box teams are going over the top and beating their “All-Pro” Secondary. This just shows that having strong bonds as a team in the locker room, once again, is more important than the players on the field (See 2011 Dallas Mavericks over Miami Heat).

I am not calling for Andy Reid’s head, partially because I would rather have him screwing up in the 4th quarter for my Cowboy’s sakes (I love the Cowboys, get over it). However, it will be interesting to see if he is able to stay on after having such an unsuccessful year. I have a feeling he will get the Terry Francona exit with the excuse being that Reid has just been there too long and it is no longer working. I do believe the Eagle’s season is over though. They have no chance to make the playoffs – the NFC East is a better division than some think.


The NFC East is a tricky division to figure out when trying to decide what team will make the playoffs, so let me help you.

Washington Redskins (3-6)

The Redskins are just terrible, unless we are talking about the Grantland Bad QB Fantasy League in which both Rex Grossman and John Beck have been great for their owners. I think that their final record will be 4 – 12. I think they can beat Minnesota at home, but who knows. Otherwise, their schedule is impossible.

Philadelphia Eagles (3-6)

I see the Eagles ending up with a 6 – 11 record. They will not reach the playoffs and will finish third (the nerd with the hairy hairy chest) in the division. But for the hopes of the “dream team” this will be a bitter ending to a terrible season in which I think some heads will roll in the offseason.

New York Giants (6 – 3)

Biggest story here is if Eli can live up to his “I’m as good as Brady” comments. He didn’t compare himself to his brother though? Wonder if he already thinks he’s better than Peyton, or if he knows that Peyton will never be the same again? Hmm…well really who cares, it’s Eli Manning? I’ll give them a 9 – 7 record. Their schedule is pretty toughplaying New Orleans, Green Bay, and Dallas in a row. Then having to end with the Jets and Dallas. Both of those games both teams will be fighting for playoff spots and could be epic matchups.

Dallas Cowboys (5 – 4)

DeMarco Murray!! He has America’s team back in the hunt for the East. Not to mention that Romo has stopped Romoing away games, and when Miles Austin gets back to 100% they will have an offense ready to explode. Also, their defense has been a lot better this year and are currently 12th overall. The Cowboys will finish with a 10 – 6 record by beating the Giants in the last week.

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