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Wow. I don’t even no what to say. A surge of excitement and disbelief is pumping through my veins. Friends of Colder By The Lakz, I have a Tebowner. Yep, I said it. This guy may not be the real deal (he’s not even close to it), but boy is he fun to watch!!! I bet of the hundred people reading this (because that is our average daily users) 99 of you were in a trance at your TV’s not able to look away from the specimen that is Tim Tebow (the only person not reading is my dad because he is the only person in America that doesn’t like the NFL). Last sentence is a sneaky way for me to check if he actually reads my posts like he tells me or is just bullshitting.

Anyway, Tebow has been such a good quarterback over the past five games he has raised the Broncos from the grave (sorry, had to do it) and has legitimately put them in a place that they could win the AFC West (god this division is terrible), or even possibly an AFC wildcard spot. This is not out of the question what so ever. This guy does not lose, he doesn’t know how to. With some unknown will this guy just keeps pressing on and on. Their remaining schedule is as follows: at Minnesota, home vs. Chicago, home vs. Patriots, at Buffalo, home vs. KC. I honestly could see the Broncos going 4-1 in these last 5 games. That puts them at 10 – 6 and that could very well be how the west is won.

How has he done this you ask? In the least spectacular way he could. By playing way below average for three quarters, and then somehow coming through in the fourth quarter and overtime (which he thrives in) and brings his team back for the win. Advanced stats guys hate him; he is the fantasy owner’s nightmare, and the defenses biggest problem. But only in the fourth quarter. Basically, Tim Tebow is the Anti-LeBron James (by the way, THE NBA IS BACK!!)

Tebow’s stats this season have been less than spectacular. In fact according to QBR Tim Tebow is 30th out of 35 quarterbacks. Quarterbacks ahead of him include Rex Grossman, Donovan McNabb, Tarvaris Jackson, and Josh Freeman. These quarterbacks can barely win a game (most of these quarterbacks have been benched). He has completed 56 of his 125 passes (Rodgers has thrown 156 passes in this same time), 709 yards (Rodgers has thrown for 1436 yards), and Tebow has thrown for seven touchdowns and one interception (Rodgers has thrown for 16 touchdowns and one interception). Wow. Could those stats be any different? Yet both of these quarterbacks have led their teams to victories week after week.

Has the Broncos defense gotten better, or is Tebow just a winner? His college career would suggest that he is a true winner, but their defense has for some reason gotten a lot better. With Orton playing the defense gave up 158 points over six games, which is 26.3 points per game. While Tim Tebow has been playing the same Broncos defense has given up 105 points over 5 games which is an average of 21 points per game. However the past three games the defense has held their opponents to under 14 points every time. Is it possible that Tebow is some mastermind that can inspire can rally his troops as if he was Tony Soprano?

I honestly don’t care how he does it, as long as he keeps winning. Watching him gets more and more exciting by the minute. You don’t want to look away because you never know when he is going to throw a 56 yard strike, or throw a 5 yard dud. He is the least consistent quarterback I have ever watched and yet he comes through every time (sort of like one of those bad Soprano episodes that you know they didn’t need but they decided to have 59 minutes of fluff, with a one minute cliff hanger at the end). So even though Tebow may be the best worst quarterback ever, I will still show my Tebowner proudly. Anyone want to get me a jersey for Christmas? O wait I forgot, wearing jerseys isn’t cool.

-Josh Becherer