One simple rule to live by, gambling makes life more interesting. In turn, making your life into smaller games in which you can compete against your friends for bragging rights, and of course to live by rule one, money!

Here at Colder By The Lakz we are trying to make your daily life more interesting, even watching Sportscenter. Just think, wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, turn on ESPN, and figure out if any of your CBTL Sportscenter Fantasy League Players either made a great play, made a bad play, got drunk, tweeted, or tons of other shit that could get or lose you points. Yeah, we thought it was a great idea too.

Now before we get into the scoring system let’s go over some basic rules of the Sportscenter Fantasy League.

  1. You can have 5 players on your roster
    1. You play 3 players every week
    2. 2 players are on your bench
    3. You can draft anybody! Literally any sports figure (owner, player, commissioner, coach, GM, Maverick Carter types, etc.)
    4. The Week will run from Monday to Sunday
      1. Only the 7 am CST Sporstcenter counts, this is the most important one and will be scored as such
      2. Waiver Wire
        1. Can only pick up one player every week.
        2. Must have in submission by Sunday at 8 pm
        3. The player you pick up must start the next week
        4. Schedule and Winner
          1. Will play for a total of 16 weeks

i.     After 16 weeks the winner is the person with the most points

I know you are all thinking, “Wow, that is pretty simple. I could get 8 or so guys together and create my own league.” Well, don’t get ahead of yourselves…actually who am I kidding that is extremely simple, make your own league. Just don’t look for us to score it for you. And since we don’t want to make scoring extremely difficult either the scoring system will be as follows:

  • Every time your player is mentioned on ESPN Sportscenter at 7 am CST for a positive thing they will receive 1 point, also 1 bonus point for Top 10 Plays
    • Highlights
    • Tweets
    • Comments made
    • Contract
    • Interview
    • Etc.
    • Every time your player is mentioned on ESPN Sportscenter at 7 am CST for a negative thing they will lost 1 point, also lost 1 more point for Worst Top 10 plays on Fridays
      • Suspensions
      • Fines (Unless for hilarious reasons like previous friend of Colder By The Lakz Steve Johnson, what will this guy do next?!)
      • Sexting Allegations (Example: Brett Favre)
      • Just being an all around idiot or asshole
      • Etc.
      • If your player has a commercial during the telecast they will receive 2 points

See, it is not that hard. Even Jessie Pinkman could figure this one out (if you haven’t watched Breaking Bad yet you now have no excuses. AMC starts airing it again starting Dec. 4th at 11 pm CST with Season 1 to Season 4, so get up with the best show on television). So start getting your friends together, or better yet the annuguaral Colder By The Lakz league still needs 4 more players! First 4 people to email us at will be allowed in the league.

I’m sure you have already begun to strategize for your draft, but I am here to help you decide who are some of the winners and losers when it comes to drafting the ESPN Sportscenter Fantasy leagues. Here are some clear winners: LeBron James (if this guy tweets, farts, stands up in a social place, steps outside his house, or has an NBA game within a 72 hour period he will make Sportscenter everytime), Tim TeBow, Tony Romo, Tom Brady, Bill Bellicheck, Kobe Bryant, Michael Vick, etc. You guys get it. It’s not that hard. Just for fun though here are some losers you do not want to pick: any Wisconsin Badger not named Ball or Wilson, Yuniesky Bettancourt, any offensive lineman, and anybody involved in a Minnesota sports team.

-Josh Becherer