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The Green Bay Packers haven’t lost since December 19th, 2010.

Is this the team that reaches the pinnacle of the perfect season?

I don’t see why not. 

The media frenzy of an unblemished season started right after the Packers won the Super Bowl.  “Dynasty”, “Perfection” & “Special” were a few titles I remember seeing.

Then, the lockout happened.

People forgot about the Packers insane run in the playoffs and focused on hoping to just have football back in their lives period.  I remember after the Packers 5th victory in the beginning of the season I went to ESPN the next morning is hopes of reading about the Packers most recent win.  The entire home page of ESPN had nothing about the Packers, which I thought was extremely weird.  I went to the NFL page on ESPN… NOTHING!  It was all negative news about people getting hurt, suspended, fined, etc.  I was furious!  It was such a softball article to write that I could have done it.  I thought to myself, “If GB was New York or Chicago they would have at least three articles written already comparing them to the best teams ever.”  Maybe that’s a good thing.  Maybe this team doesn’t care if they get the press the big market teams get.  Maybe it’s helped them keep focused and motivated on what really matters – winning.  And winning more. And winning more.  I think this will be the year the Packers grasp perfection.  Will they get the credit they deserve?  Will they be listed as one of the GOAT?

I don’t see why not.

The final 5 teams left on the Packers schedule are the Giants, Raiders, Chiefs, Bears & Lions.  Below is a breakdown/analysis of each game along with my predictions.

Week 13 – Packers @ Giants

Toughest Game Remaining?  Yes.  I believe that this Giants team is the most talented team remaining on the Packers schedule.  Now, that doesn’t mean the other games won’t be difficult.  I think that as the end of the season nears, the pressure of a perfect season will weigh heavier and games will be closer.  The Giants defense needs to be able to create some turnovers against the Packers in order for this one to stay close.  Unfortunately for them, the Packers are +15 in the turnover ratio, which is 1 behind the 49ers as top dog in the league.

Prediction: WIN Packers 38 – Giants 27

Week 14 – Raiders @ Packers

1 of their 4 losses came to a Patriots team that may not lose another game this season.  Another of their 4 losses came against a Bills team that didn’t know they weren’t good and were playing out of their minds in the beginning of the season.  This won’t be a cupcake game for the Packers either.  The Raiders have a lot to fight for being only 1 game ahead of the Broncos in the AFC West.  With arguably the best kicker combo in the league the Packers special teams will need to be up for the challenge.  Janikowski beat the Bears with 6 field goals last week and Lechler boomed a ball 80 yards – is that even physically possible?  Ranked 3rd in the league in rushing the Packers defensive line and linebackers will have to show up early and often.

Prediction: WIN Packers 28 – Raiders 16

Week 15 – Packers @ Chiefs

Tied for last place in the AFC West at 4-7, the Chiefs don’t have a whole lot left to play for.  Unfortunately for the Packers, they have one more thing left to play for… to be the one team to crush the Packers hopes of an undefeated season.  It’s a pretty simple game plan at this point for the Chiefs – go out and play hard.  At a brutal 13.9 points per game, the Chiefs can only hope the Packers are looking ahead at the next two games in their schedule.

Prediction:  WIN Packers 31 – Chiefs 17

Week 16 – Bears @ Packers

The last two games will be tricky.  Here are a few variables they have to deal with in this game:  Media Hype – Christmas Game – Frozen Tundra – Pressure of an undefeated season.  Not to mention the Bears will have nothing but revenge on their minds from last season, this season, and every year before that the Packers kicked their ass.  If the Packers choose to rest their starters at this point in the season it could be a close game.  My gut says they won’t.  The Chiefs, Broncos, Seahawks, Packers and Vikings remain on the Bears schedule.  If they aren’t able to get into the playoffs it would be a shame (J).  I just don’t see Caleb Hanie getting more than 2 wins the rest of the way.  We’ll see if that’s enough.

Prediction: WIN Packers 20 – Bears 10

Week 17 – Lions @ Packers

Hardest game of the season?  Yes.  In my opinion this will be the hardest game to win.  Last game of the season.  All or nothing.  At home will help however let’s hope the weather isn’t a huge factor in the game.  The Packers are the better team in this matchup (it showed on Thanksgiving) but will they prove that they are the better team for the 17th time this season?  The Thanksgiving game was heated and there is a mutual hate for each other being in the NFC North Division.  Let’s hope Suh doesn’t do anything stupid and hurt someone– Green Bay might “occupy” the city of Detroit blaring Nickleback and buring Eminem posters.

Prediction: WIN Packers 24 – Lions 10

Divisional Round Playoffs – Prediction – Cowboys @ Packers

The Cowboys will be a tough challenge for the Packers in the Divisional round.  Romo has had a great season so far and I think he will get the win in the wild card round.  The Cowboys offense is tough but playing in January at Lambeau will be to much for them to handle.

Prediction:  WIN Packers 21 – Cowboys 17

Conference Championship Playoffs – Prediction – Saints @ Packers:

The New Orleans Saints are playing some of the best football since they won the super bowl.  My prediction is that they will cruise by the 49ers in the divisional round to face the Packers in mid January.  Again, I believe the cold weather will be a factor.  The Packers defense will slow down Drew Brees and the Saints enough to squeak out a close win

Prediction:  WIN Packers 24 – Saints 21

Super Bowl XLVI February 5th, 2012 – Packers Vs Patriots (My preseason prediction)

You cannot get a better Super Bowl than this one.  Two Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks squaring off in a high scoring affair.  A win for the Packers in this game will not only leave the Patriots with the gut wrenching feeling of a super bowl loss; it will remind them what they did not do a few years back – win the super bowl in a perfect season.  It will come down to turnovers in this one.

Prediction:  WIN Packers 38 – Patriots 31

This season feels different than any other in my lifetime.  The Packers haven’t really given its fans any reason to feel even slightly worried in any game this season.  They haven’t trailed in the 4th quarter in their first 12 games.  Similar to the 1962 team, the Packers had to go into Detroit on Thanksgiving to try and stay undefeated.  The ‘62 team lost (their only loss that season) and the ‘12 team won.

Will this be the year the Packers grab perfection?

I don’t see why not.

– B Perfect