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THE NBA IS BACK! I know it has been for a while now, but with practices getting finalized, and some of these crazy trades and free agent rumors (Chris Paul to LA…WHAT?!, Stern would be the Grinch that stole a great Christmas game if he blocked this.) That being said I was thinking, some of the teams in the league are kind of like some TV shows that have either already aired, or are currently airing. Ok, I know it sounds like a stretch, but stick with me. (By the way, if you have not yet watched any of these shows there may be a Spoiler Warning, but honestly just watch the damn shows, they are all too good.)


Oklahoma City Thunder – “The Wire”

Avon Barksdale and Stringer Bell are drug lords who rule Baltimore. However, due to power struggles on what direction to take their drug kingdom they ended up turning on each other and Stringer was killed, and Avon was incarcerated. This is extremely relevant to how the two superstars on OKC have reacted during important times. Russell Westbrook is Stringer Bell, an up and comer who wants to prove himself. He is often pushed to the side, but is an extremely good player and wants more attention. Durant on the other hand has already established himself as a super duper star. He is extremely marketable, and also an amazing player. He wants the ball during crunch time yet it seems that Westbrook also wants to steal those plays away. This power struggle could end in one or the other selling the other out to the media, Kobe/Shaq style.


Dallas Mavericks – “The Office”

Don’t get me wrong; I love “The Office”, when they had Steve Carell. He led the show, carried the jokes, and kept the awkward, nerdy, cute, and silly comedy alive. Tyson Chandler was kind of Steve Carell to the Mavs. They need him there. He provided such good numbers during that important playoff run that it would be hard to see them even being in this years finals without him. Just as “The Office” shouldn’t be anywhere near this years Emmy’s with this current season.  (Quick note to writers of “The Office”: stop having Andy sing EVERY episode, it is unnecessary, and the Hangover singing this is overplayed.)


Miami Heat – “Breaking Bad”

Yep, the best show on television is the best team in the NBA. Best actor on television, Bryan Cranston (so crazy dude was the dad from Malcolm In The Middle), and the best player in the league is LeBron James. Not to mention that Jesse Pinkman is an amazing and loyal sidekick, just as D-Wade has LeBron’s back and they had a lot of conversations about the finals and LBJ needing to step up in crucial times. These two always have each other’s back, even though Walt sometime’s puts Jesse in situations that Jesse does not truly understand and almost gets Jesse in trouble way too often, but other than that both of these two man teams have each other’s back and perform extraordinary. Heat will win the Championship in 2012, who gon stop them, huh?


New York Knicks – “Lost”

Lost was a great TV show, if you just watch the first 3 seasons and then the last. Can we just pretend they never left the island and went back, or that we had to watch a flashback on flashback on flashback. Carlton Cruse and Company took us through two or three time continuums and way too many fluff, no meaning episodes. This will be just like the Knicks this season. They are going to get way too much ESPN time and be talked about constantly, but in the end they are going to under perform and end up being irrelevant by the end, just like “Lost” was.


Los Angeles Lakers (w/ CP3) – “The Sopranos”

The star is clear. Kobe Bryant is Tony Soprano. He calls the shots. How is that not clear? Hmm…there were rumors that Kobe was upset with Gasol’s playoff performance, and vice versa. Wouldn’t be the first time Kobe ran a center out of town. And why wouldn’t Kobe love to play with a point guard who averaged 9.7 assists/game last year. Kobe loves shooting so the more that Paul would pass it to him Kobe would just sit back and take it. Tony Soprano ruled his family with an iron fist. When people went out of line, you knew that they would end up in the woods or ocean. Seems similar to how Kobe is calling all the shots in LA.


Los Angeles Lakers (if trade gets blocked by The Grinch) – “The OC”

The OC is without a doubt the best teenage drama ever. Everyone fell in love with Summer and Seth, and hated the way Ryan and Marissa just could never make it worth. But then the fourth season happened. It was terrible. It was as if the writers and producers just quit and said screw it. This could be what happens to the Lakers if this trade doesn’t go through. No players like to hear there name mentioned in trade rumors, but when it is 100% confirmed that your team tried to get rid of you, but now is forced to keep you is never good. They will become a much worse team and I would not even think about them getting to the finals.


Now let’s all get ready for Christmas day, when the NBA gives us the great present of being back in action! Too bad we can’t convince David Simon to give us one more season of “The Wire.” Where is the CBA on that?

-Josh Becherer