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Before you read on you have to realize that Urbandictionary.com is completely tasteless/inappropriate/immature/mostly offensive.  With that warning mentioned, you also have to realize that Urbandictionary.com is completely hilarious/entertaining/comical.

We’ll let you choose whether you read on or not but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Armadillhole:  An armadillo’s a-hole.


Baboonaphile:  A person who enjoys having intimate relations with hairy individuals that liken themselves to baboons.

Coin Wanking:  The act of jangling change held in a suit trouser pocket, usually performed by male office workers whilst stood chatting to colleagues.


Do I Smell Popcorn:  Phrase uttered when you have passed a particularly pungent bubble of gas that you are so proud of you want everyone to take a deep whiff.


Engrish:  The phenomenon of often hilarious gramatical catastrophes resulting from poor, usually over-literal translations of Japanese to English.


Fupobia:  The irrational (though understandable) fear of Fupas


Gate Rape:  The TSA airport screening procedure.  Also See Gate Massage: A TSA pat-down with a “happy landing.”


Hiberdating:  Verb – Someone who ignores all their other friends when they are dating a boyfriend/girlfriend


Irish Goodbye:  Leaving the bar or anywhere for that matter, without closing niceties, like a kiss goodbye to that annoying girl or mentioning something to your friends.


Jorts:  Jean shorts. Worn mostly by children and douchebags. Jorts are perhaps the easiest way to recognize people you will not like. If you wear jorts, you probably don’t talk to girls. The term “jorts” does not apply to jean shorts worn by black people, as those are entirely acceptable.


Koala Balls:  When a man’s balls stick to the side of his leg like a koala bear to a tree.


Lego Hair:  a particularly shitty male haircut in which the sides cover the ears and the hair appears to be “snap on”. AKA Pizza Haircut


Mustachate Cheese:  The smearing of the cheese like substance … on the mustache of a male.


New Years Heaves:  To “throw up” multiple times on New Year’s Eve, typically caused from excessive drinking after the realization that it was yet another sucky year of life.


Organic Jelly Beans:  rabbit waste found during Easter that children may pick up and eat, mistaken for jelly beans during an Easter Egg Hunt.


Pen 15: Exclusive club for those in 6th and 7th grade. Only requirement to enter is to have the club’s name written on one’s body part, such as an arm or hand.


Quick Evac: The act of blowing a fart while standing, opening up the fly on your jeans, and sitting rapidly to make the stench exit out of the fly into your own face for maximum enjoyment


Reindeer gaming:  the act of putting christmas decoration reindeer into various sexual positions.


Shexting:  Sending picture(s) of your feces to your buddie(s) via picture message on your cell phone.


Toilet muffin:  A toilet muffin occurs when the toilet users ass exceeds twice the diameter of the toilet seat and the ass cheeks hang over the side like a muffin.


Underblubber:  is the fat that oozes out over a person’s pants as a result of being squeezed to tightly by their clothes. It is usually attributed to abnormally large people wearing abnormally tight clothing. It is an extension of the “love handles.”


Virgin Airlines:  The nickname of the greatest nfl quarterback ever, the virgin Timothy Richard Tebow


Water temple:  Considered by many to be the equivalent to a complete rectal examination.


XXXMas:  A triple X rated version of Christmas…..


Yellow brick road:  the serial dating of Asian women, usually by white men


Zip em up: to violently or non-violently silence a person after being disrespected.