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Welp, week 1 of the playoffs is gone and I hope you didn’t take my picks to the bank last week.  I went 4-4 picking the spreads and over under.  I got the Texans -3, Saints -11, Giants -3, and over in the Broncos v. Steelers game, while getting the Steelers -9, under in the Texans v. Bengals game, and under in the Saints v. Lions game wrong.  Last week was just a warm up however and I couldn’t be feeling better about my picks this week so heed my advice on the picks this week and put any money you didn’t lose following me last week on these picks.  Lines and Over/Unders are as of January 11.  As always THESE ARE LOCKS!

New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers

Early Game Saturday

Line: Saints -3 ½

Over/Under: 47 ½

I really don’t know who to pick in this game and can lay a compelling argument out to taking either team.  No outcome will surprise me, but I am going with the Saints -3 ½ I think the 49ers had a good season, but the Saints should win this one by at least a touchdown as Brees and the boys are on a role.  I don’t trust Alex Smith to lead his team back if they get down by 10 or more.

Picks:  Saints-3 ½  and UNDER 47 ½


Denver Broncos at New England Patriots

Late Game Saturday

Line: Patriots -13 ½

Over/Under: 50

            Jesus Tebow pulled a stunner last week and upset the Steelers at home, but I like the Patriots here.  The Pats already beat the Broncos in Denver easily a few weeks ago and the mastermind Belichick has had two weeks to prepare for this one.  I think the Pats lay one on the Broncos and finally end the crazy run Tebow and the Broncos went on.  Do you know Tebow complete only 10 passes last week?  He averaged over 30 yards a completion, take away one or two of the big plays and the Steelers win.  The Patriots will contain him better and it doesn’t appear that the Broncos have any sort of run game right now with Willis McGahee looking run down.

Picks: SAINTS -13 ½  and OVER 50


Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens

Early Game Sunday

Line: Ravens -9

Over/Under: 38

I don’t trust rookie quarterback TJ Yates going into Baltimore and beating the Ravens, but I also don’t trust Joe Flacco.  I think the Texans cover this game but the Ravens win.  The Texans defense will keep the Ravens offense in line and they should be able to score 10-13 points.  Also the line one this opened at Ravens -7 and is already up to Ravens -9, the general public is going towards the Ravens ALWAYS BET AGAINST THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

Picks:  Texans +9 and UNDER 38


New York Giants at Green Bay Packers

Late Game Sunday

Line: Packers -9

Over/Under: 52 1/2

The Giants almost beat the Packers in OT during the regular season and have been playing well for over a month now and Eli has already come into Lambeau Field and beaten the Packers in the playoffs, but outside of a schmuckfest in Kansas City the Packers were a monster of a team all year.  The Giants can rush the passer well and GB has o-line issues, but the Packers and Aaron Rodgers run the short pass plays perhaps as well as anyone in the league and I think they circumvent the Giants rush with quick passes to Finley, Nelson, Jennings, and Driver all game.  I am taking the Packers in this one as I can’t overlook their body of work from the whole season and a Giants team who can be awful at times.  This line should really be double digits, but I think the odds makers got a bit short sighted with the Giants beating of a not very good Falcons team last week and the fact that the Packers didn’t really have to play for anything the last 2-3 games of the year.

Picks: Packers -9 and UNDER 52 ½


-Tyler Free