I’ll admit, my ideas are flawed but let’s get real…  Any idea is going to be better than what they’re putting on TV now for the All Star Game Weekend.  I usually watch the NBA All Star Game but the rest is bogus/garbage.  Here are my top ten ideas to get more viewers for next year’s All Star Weekend:

  1. 1.      90’s Legends Game – Two teams of 90’s studs going at it in a “last hip standing” type of hoops competition.  I’m imagining Detlef Shrimpf tossing up a major prayer from the cheap seats fading away at the buzzer to beat the favorites including Dikembee Mutumbo as the captain.  Riveting Television.
  2. All Bench Stars – Two squads of pure pine-riders getting a chance to scrub it out for a few minutes of face time. (They’ll play hard and guaranteed they’ll fail even harder)
  3. Best of Show – Similar to Tosh.0, take an hour to praise the best and dog the worst shots to dunks to hair styles to post game celebrations.  (Ahmad Rashad WILL be the announcer – NBA Inside Stuff ish.)
  4. MXC (NBA Edition) – The Most Xtreme Elimination game will have multiple well known NBA stars go through a gauntlet of NBA related terrors (Yao Ming swatting at you, PJ Brown body slams, Ron Artest haymakers, etc.)  Of course there will be Asian voice over’s to make it more interesting/hilarious.
  5. NBA Street Ball Game – Have NBA players face off at some of the premier street ball locations.  NBA guys seemed to love this over the lockout… I say do whatever makes the players play harder and with more effort.  (Similar to the All Star Game but it’s not necessarily the best players; they’ll select guys who will be great street ball players.)
  6. NBA Dunk Contest – Open this up to the fans.  Have it be NBA vs All. Have tryouts for best dunkers and if the dunker(s) selected from the streets can out duel the NBA players (who are supposed to be the greatest in the world) he/she will win a million dollars.
  7. NBA Dawgs With Dogs – I mean this one is a lock.  NFL has the puppy bowl…If I’m the NBA I’m thinking “Why not include big dudes with dogs in the fun?”  Guaranteed to bring in a much more diverse viewing market and damn it, it’s just good fun!
  8. Bad Boys Vs Good Guys – Angles vs. Demons basketball game.  I’m picturing a team with Dennis Rodmann vs a team with David Robinson.  Why hasn’t the NBA hired me yet?
  9. Wife Game – Look, I don’t know how NBA Wives got on television and who even watches it but it’s still on tv.  Why not have some of the NBA wives take on other NBA wives?  (If someone isn’t murdered in this game it would be a complete failure – yeah, I’ve seen the show once… sue me)
  10. Beef – I can hear a few of you exclaiming, “YES!” on this one.  You always hear the rumors about NBA players hating each other and what a perfect way to get everything out in the open and settle it like real men.  Strap on some big punching gloves, a helmet and some knee pads and let ‘em rumble.  I can hear the bell ringing for round one already…

–  nBa

By The Way – You’re Welcome NBA