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(Let’s all take a moment to mourn the loss of Gus Johnson from the NCAA Tournament.  Whether you liked him or hated him he provided some of the most entertaining calls of college basketball.  Sports are all about entertainment and this is exactly what Gus provided.  If he didn’t get your blood pumping you might want to check your pulse.  Anyways, you will be missed good sir.  After I heard about his departure from the tournament a while back, you could compare my feelings to those of Adam Morrison in this video.


YOTA:  If you are a college basketball fanatic like me, you are absolutely giddy at the arrival of the greatest month of the year – March.  Shamrock shakes, warmer temperatures/big storms, the first robin of the year is usually spotted and last but not least the NCAA tournament!  Now as much as I’d like to write an entire article on the mystique of the shamrock shake, I must focus all of my energy on college hoops.  (Did you know the shamrock shake was first introduced in 1970 by Rogers Merchandising in Chicago?)  The year of the abbreviation has held strong so far with UK, ‘Cuse, and UNC all looking to lock up #1 seeds going into the tourney.  Below are some of my picks for what to watch for come March 15th:

Best Odds For A Seth Curry Take Over Impression – Doug McDermott (Creighton) 23.2 PPG.

Scoring 23.2 points per game this season, Doug McDermott is setting his sights on a big run in the NCAA Tournament.  Creighton’s has an all around solid team and that means Duggie will be able to get open enough to tear apart the brackets of all those picking against him.

Most Exciting Championship Matchup – UNC/Kentucky.

Kentucky sealed the win at UNC with a huge block from Anthony Davis back in December.  This championship game would be a match up they show on ESPN Classics in a few years to refresh everyone’s memories on how many NBA prospects were all competing against each other.  The combined talent on these teams is an absolute mind blow.

My REM “Sleeper” – Marquette

Clearly MU isn’t a sleeper.  However, when matched against a few higher seeds I think they come out on top.  Jae Crowder and DJO are mad good.  They are a ton of fun to watch and are the types of guys who are going to will their team deep in the tournament.  When you have more than one of those guys on your team come tourney time, that’s going to be a bear of a matchup for anyone.  I’d comment on the fact that there are guys on this team that shouldn’t even be playing this season but that would be wrong of me.  I guess you could say they should be able to rape the competition this year… (Did you know that Uncle O’Grimmacey was used in the 80’s to market the shamrock shake?)

My Cinderella – Saint Louis

This team is different that most mid majors.  Instead of putting up crazy numbers and getting a ton of national attention all they do is defend.  7th in the nation in points allowed.  They’re deep ( 9 players average over 10 minutes per game) and they are an unselfish bunch of guys who just want to win – an underdog in the tourney with a lovable team that no one knows about is the perfect storm for getting home court advantage in the big dance.

My First #1 Seed Out – Syracuse

This one was tough.  If it’s Kansas, Kentucky, UNC, and Syracuse I’d have to say Syracuse.  30% due to the fact that they play zone.  30% due to the fact that I think Fab Melo might be the single dumbest student-athlete of our generation (Derrick Rose thanks you).  40% due to me not being able to trust a team with a top player named Scoop that point shaves.  Look, any team can get hot at any time in this tournament as we’ve seen so many times in the past.  This isn’t a knock on Syracuse at all and I don’t see them going down easy, but when they do it will be because of the lack of rebounding and a team getting hot from deep.  (Did you know that a small shamrock shake has 540 calories and 16 grams of fat, while the large has 840 calories and 24 grams of fat?)

My WTF Are You Going To Do Team:  Wisconsin

If someone tells you they know what Wisconsin is going to do come tournament time, you officially have my permission to tase them and shove ABC gum in their trousers because no one knows what this team is going to do no matter how confident they seem.  WI has the best defense in the league which could prove vital in the tournament.  They just beat a good OSU team and are lukewarm going into the Big Ten Tournament.  But then you have the negatives… losing to Iowa twice is one of those.  Or, how about barely being able to hit the 40 point mark in a loss against Michigan.  They’ll end up getting a 3ish seed which is extremely tempting to pick them getting upset.  As much as I’d love seeing them go deep I just don’t see it happening.  But then again…

My National Champion– Kentucky

Beginning of the season I wasn’t sure I could pick against UNC with the talent they had returning but Kentucky has proven they are the team to beat.  Preseason I had UNC but after seeing what this Kentucky team is capable of doing night in and night out I don’t see how anyone can come up a legitimate argument against them.  Obviously there are things here and there that the one dueschbag we all know will bring up and argue about until he’s blue in the face with which you calmly respond… “It’s soccer Greg.”  The fact of the matter is no team is perfect.  Kentucky should win it all.


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